With »Iconoclash Slow Squeeze«, the artist Carolyn Kirschner explores so-called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Responses, or ASMR for short – tinglingly pleasant reactions that can be triggered by auditory and visual stimuli that most people perceive during relaxation, calming and well-being.

Through the incorporation of well-known modernist artworks, such as works by Joseph Beuys or Gordon Matta-Clark, their recontextualization and simultaneous transfer into another material form, Kirschner questions the connection between art, fetish, pleasure, and experience. The deconstruction of the iconic forms of these artworks – and their illustrious metamorphosis – addresses both other senses and habitual stimuli. The associated questions about the relationship between materiality, representation, and physical stimulation can also open up a new understanding regarding the mediation of both immaterial knowledge and material things. The project was developed within the framework of the Beyond Matter Residency Program.

Project Website https://beyondmatter.eu

Digital animation, soundscape, video loop, 15 min
Soundscape: Kieran Brunt

More information: ZKM

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