SWR Experimentalstudio with Óscar Escudero »BIO, the Piece About Your Pianist Life« (2018-21) For pianist, video & live electronics, 16′, UA

»BIO, the Piece About Your Pianist Life« is a staged platform accessible by any pianist. It automatically confronts the performer with a redesigned timeline based on the milestones of her/his professional career. By using a wide range of data taken from personal and family archives, social media and other information previously submitted, the work generates an alternative biography narrated in the first person, mixed with political opinions, which roots at the same time with the history of the piano. A path tracked by the holy concepts of »repertoire«, the »great masters« and the educational institutions.

– Óscar Escudero

Credits: ZKM | Hertz-Labor /// ZKM Hertz-Lab

Ludger Brümmer Künstlerische Leitung /// Artistic Director

Dominik Kautz Projektleitung, Organisation & Programmheft /// Project Management, Organization & Program

Sebastian Schottke Klangregie /// Sound Direction

Jakob Schreiber, Manuel Urrutia Tontechnik /// Sound Technology

Hans Gass Licht & Veranstaltungstechnik /// Light & Event Technology

ZKM | Videostudio /// ZKM | Video Studio Christina Zartmann Schnitt & Kamera /// Editing & Camera

Xenia Leidig Kamera /// Camera

More information: ZKM

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