Mark Pilkington »Structured Behavior«, (2021)

Algorithmic audio-visual performance, approx. 10′, UA

»Structured Behavior« is an algorithmic composition that fuses both audio and visual entities. A series of algorithmic behaviors are mapped to custom designed audiovisual processes. Numerical relationships are established to generate a visual composition providing the basis of a complex interplay with the auditory level. The coexistence of human and machine interactions forms an ontogenetic structure that relies on continual relations between the user and technology. An ongoing structural change occurs from moment to moment, either triggered by interactions in an environment, or as a result of internal dynamics. The visual material consists of drawings of sound transformations in space. Sound material is from instrumental, modular synthesizers and environmental sounds. Non-linearity plays an important aspect in the temporal evolution of the invariant algorithmic design. It is precisely this emphasis on the evolving relationship between parameters and interactive feedback that characterizes the piece in terms of real-time adaptation, emergence and transformation.

– Mark Pilkington (Thought Universe 2021)

Credits: ZKM | Hertz-Labor /// ZKM Hertz-Lab

Ludger Brümmer Künstlerische Leitung /// Artistic Director

Dominik Kautz Projektleitung, Organisation & Programmheft /// Project Management, Organization & Program

Sebastian Schottke Klangregie /// Sound Direction

Jakob Schreiber, Manuel Urrutia Tontechnik /// Sound Technology

Hans Gass Licht & Veranstaltungstechnik /// Light & Event Technology

ZKM | Videostudio /// ZKM | Video Studio Christina Zartmann Schnitt & Kamera /// Editing & Camera

Xenia Leidig Kamera /// Camera

More information: ZKM

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