Bright colours, plastic and PVC, reduced forms, trivial and equally fetishized motifs from consumerism and advertising, mass media and comics, sexually permissive displays of femininity – this is Pop Art as we know it.

But it can also be quite different: angry, daring, rebellious, openly erotic, subversively ironic as well as confrontational, inviting and activist.

From the very beginning, self-confident and expressive female Pop artists shaped this art movement, which was for a long time dominated by men. The exhibition Amazons of Pop! challenges the traditional art historical canon of what is generally regarded as Pop Art. As feminist pioneers, female Pop artists with a lot of ‘Vroom, Bang, Ka-Pow! and Wham!’ questioned the traditional role of woman and muse.

Amazons of Pop!
Women artists, superheroines, icons 1961–1973

Kunsthaus Graz


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