ISTR (I seem to recall) is the last exhibition of Brigitte Kowanz (1957 – 2022) at the Schlossmuseum Linz. The specially developed installations & objects follow Kowanz’s exploration of the speed of light and Morse signs, and at the same time contain reminiscences of the early works of the 1980s.

As one of Austria’s most important artists, her main interest was the light-generated media of video, film and photography. In her work, Kowanz seeks the analytical examination of light-related phenomena of perception and their effects on a traditional image concept. Light even became her primary artistic medium. Paper and canvas images with phosphorescent and fluorescent pigments were created. 💡

Brigitte Kowanz realized her numerous projects in galleries, museums and public spaces. Due to the strong locality of her works, the award-winning artist has intensively studied the spatial and architectural conditions of the Schlossmuseum Linz.

More information: Schlossmuseum Linz

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