Are you skeptical concerning contemporary art, find it difficult or know people who do? This web series is for you. Philosopher, art critic and curator Klaus Speidel not only explains Ines Doujak’s work, on show in the exhibition „Geistervölker“, but also openly discusses difficulties and criticism.

In the final episode, Klaus Speidel speaks about approaching and understanding contemporary art, especially in comparison to old art.

With Geistervölker, meaning “ghost populations”, Kunsthalle Wien presents a comprehensive solo exhibition of Austrian artist Ines Doujak (b. 1959, lives and works in Vienna), revolving around histories of pandemics, transmission of viruses, and their relation to global trade and to the current economic, microbiological, and ecological crises. The artist traces, in fragments, the origins of pandemics throughout history and links them to a global economy that is based on logics of extraction facilitated by colonial legal mechanisms and late capitalism.

„Ines Doujak. Geistervölker“, 1/10 2020 – 23/1 2021, Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier

Weitere Informationen: Kunsthalle Wien

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