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Setting up the installation „Lu“ at the grand staircase of the Belvedere Palace in July 2016.

The installation is part of the exhibition „Ai Weiwei: translocation – transformation“ at the 21er Haus, Vienna (14 July – 20 November 2016)
DE: http://www.21erhaus.at/aiww21
EN: http://www.21erhaus.at/en/aiww21

Ai Weiwei transfers objects and in this case ancient mythologies from his home country to our Western world. Kite-like creatures made of the traditional Chinese materials bamboo and silk are suspended over the main staircase in the Upper Belvedere.
One represents Lu, one of the many spirits described in the fictional stories from Shan Hai Jing (Classic of Mountains and Seas). These tales originate in the 3rd century BC and were compiled to describe and explain geographical features of the vast country and their myths.

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