Wellcome to our talk about he ocean liner SS Rex. She was built in 1931 in Genoa while the SS Conte di Savoia was being built in Trieste. This two ships worked by the new Italia Flotta Riunite, a union of the larger Italian shipping companies dictated by the state. The were built to out Italy at the front of the International business of transatlantic crossings. The Rex was the largest and fastest of both. She managed to take the Blue Riband for the fastest westbound Atlantic crossing in August 1933. She was the Italian ship of state of her time, and embodied the best clichés of Mediterranean life style. To discuss her story we have invited again our friends and experts in ocean liners that can offer insight on the REX from various prespectives:

Naval architect Dr. Stephen Payne ( @navalarch2 ), the man that created the ocean liner Queen Mary 2, speaks from his home near Southampton, UK. Collector and expert Todd Neitring ( @theoceancolossus ) greets us from New York, NY. Cap. Aureliano Mazzella ( @aurelianomazzella ), Deputy Captain aboard the Queen Mary 2! Enjoy the talk!

More information: Maritimes Museum

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