Charlotte Gash is part of our exhibition „Unfreezing the Scene. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2022“. She combines critique of the mundane with her own personal experiences of the art world to create narratives and counternarratives that open up discussions around working as a contemporary artist.

Her ongoing series „Breeder or Sucker“ continues her exploration of privilege and failure in the art system, cameoing the artist alongside a cast of recurring characters, including her art nemesis ART BITCH. Her latest work, Tunnel of Inclusion, is a mockumentary-style persiflage of installing a prize exhibition showcasing the young Austrian art scene. Sounds familiar?

With humor and satire, Gash opens up conversations on stereotypical images of the artist, as well as the impossibilities of the administration and bureaucracy in which art institutions are embedded, allowing for the artist’s many ideas to circulate, nevertheless.

Charlotte Gash is played by Charlotta Öberg

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