Performed at the William Kentridge exhibition WHY SHOULD I HESITATE: PUTTING DRAWINGS TO WORK at Deichtorhallen Hamburg, the solo “Spheres & Disruption” by by South African choreographer Jessica Nupen is deliberately ephemeral evoking notions of spherical objects, natural orders and the disruptions thereof. Nupen unravels intrinsic dualisms of life that lie at the heart of the spontaneous and guttural-like choreography, constructed on a play of opposites which alternate and complete each other.⁠⁠

Jessica Nupen is a dancer, choreographer, director, performer and creator based in Germany. Born in South Africa to anti-apartheid activist parents, Nupen’s work is heavily inspired by her South African background and she has been named one of the top 100 most influential Africans in Germany. Her work incorporates contemporary concepts with cultural and political themes, expressed in striking creations and has received recognition through celebrated tours of Europe.⁠

Concept & Choreography: Jessica Nupen

Film: Philipp Lee Heidrich

Performance: Sara Ezzell

Creative Direction: Anouk Jans

Photography: Rakuto Makino

Music: Andrea Stadel, Ninon Gloger, Lifka & Lucinee

More information: Deichtorhallen Hamburg

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