Talk led by Adam Pawloff (Greenpeace spokesman for climate and energy) with the artists Mandy Baker and Simon Norfolk and curator Verena Kaspar-Eisert on the occasion of the exhibition „Seen on Earth“ at Kunst Haus Wien.

The photo exhibition „Seen on Earth“ is a vivid presentation of three international positions that deal with the ongoing destruction of the environment in different ways. The artists Mandy Barker, Eduardo Leal and Simon Norfolk work with photography, one of the most effective means for documenting man-made environmental damages. Their pictures taken on three different continents – Africa, America and Asia – demonstrate the globally growing pollution of the environment as well as the resulting impact on vegetation and climate and the changes in the ecosystem. Their intention is to raise our awareness for a topic that affects the entire world irrespective of where the pollution occurs. In 2015 the three artists received the Earth Award sponsored by LensCulture.

Seen on Earth
Photographs by Mandy Barker, Eduardo Leal and Simon Norfolk
17 March – 30 June 2016

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