In this edition of the Science Communication Café, host Franziska Sattler has a chat with Marta Alirangues Núñez, PhD Student of the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, about her #research.

The biologist works mainly with “the forest under the water”. In her work she is focusing on #plants and #algaes and especially studying the Periphyton, a complex form of algae that is attached to surfaces in most aquatic ecosystems.

Her main goal is to find an answer to the following questions: how does it affect aquatic plants and what role does the Periphyton play in an aquatic ecosystem, like what is their effect of nutrients and how is the shading of it having an effect on temperature and marcophytes. Therefore she is investigating lakes and rivers, for example the Müggelsee near Berlin.

Every first Sunday of the month the Science Communication Café takes place where you get exciting insights from scientists into their work while drinking coffee in a relaxed atmosphere – online or in the museum.

More information: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

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