Kuniyoshi is renowned as one of Japan’s great artists of the nine teenth century. Manga and Anime are practically inconceivable without his visual imagery. He produced artistic and technically ground-breaking prints that were very popular with the general public. Besides single sheets and series, often produced in close cooperation with the entertainment industry, he interwove into his works cynical criticism of the upper-class establishment, which endeavored to prevent social change through tougher censorship and restrictions.

The exhibition UKIYOENOW will be the first presentation in Europe of works by the artists Masumi Ishikawa and Megumi Ōishi, also the graphic designer Andrew Archer, which translate motifs from pop culture and sport into the aesthetic of the ukiyo-e.

EXHIBITION DATES 26.10.2019–16.2.2020

More information: MAK – Museum für angewandte Kunst, Wien

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