Franziska Kunze, Chief Curator of Photography and Time-Based Media at Sammlung Moderne Kunst, took the chance to address four questions to Mathilde ter Heijne and talk about her work.

Under the title Collection+, we present studio exhibitions within the context of the Sammlung Moderne Kunst at Pinakothek der Moderne. Therein, we invite you to see the series “Media Art in Focus” and have a closer look at the video installation “MATHILDE, MATHILDE…” (2000) by Mathilde ter Heijne which will only be on show at Pinakothek der Moderne until Sunday! Mathilde ter Heijne becomes the protagonist of her own experimental set-up. Referring to three French films in which each leading actress named Mathilde commits suicide, the artist recognisably integrates the special effects dummy into the scenic sequence in a condensed re-enactment of the film plots.

More information: Pinakotheken

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