For »PL’AI«, Špela Petrič has an artificial intelligence and cucumber plants interact with each other. The robot is programmed to capture images of the plant and predict how it will continue to grow. Based on its predictions, the robot lengthens or shortens its wires. The plants, in turn, influence the computer’s learning system through their growth by wrapping their tendrils around the robot’s wires in a way that cannot be predicted by the machine. Both of them learn from each other.

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About the video series: Artist and artwork are connected in a very special way – They have a relationship with one another, almost like humans. Especially when it comes to moving and interactive artworks combined with artificial intelligence we need to rethink our understanding of »life«. So in our new series »Art me Anything« we decided to ask the artists of the ZKM exhibitions random questions about life and technology – like, „How do you define whether something is alive?“ or „Would you upload your mind to a cloud?“.

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