An artificial intelligence looks at itself in the mirror: What thoughts does it have? – This is exactly what the artist Christian Mio Loclair expresses with his work »Narciss« that is presented as part of the exhibition »BioMedia« at ZKM Karlsruhe.

„The project Narciss aims to question mankind’s self-righteous model of self-awareness, the quality of subjective findings while investigating oneself and the resulting unequal distribution of dignity. Narciss is both an artistic intervention and artificial intelligence whose only purpose is to investigate itself, referencing a synthetic model of self-awareness, a fragment of artificial narcissism and a fictional character in its own autobiographical narrations.“ (

About the video series:
Artist and artwork are connected in a very special way – They have a relationship with one another, almost like humans. Especially when it comes to moving and interactive artworks combined with artificial intelligence we need to rethink our understanding of »life«. So in our new series »Art me Anything« we decided to ask the artists of the ZKM exhibitions random questions about life and technology – like, „How do you define whether something is alive?“ or „Would you upload your mind to a cloud?“.

More on »It’s About Life«:

About the exhibition:

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