The cooperative project on conservation and restoration with the Palace Museum in Fumban in the Cameroon Grasslands has been ongoing since 2010. The museum holds a major collection of (art)-historical significance from the kingdom of Bamum its preservation poses a substantial challenge. At eye level with local partners, the project seeks new ways of preserving this unique cultural heritage for future generations.

The online conference “Provenance Research and Cooperation with Cameroon” on 14 April 2021 was dedicated to this cooperation project with Foumban. One of the highlights was the premiere of the short film “The Wisdom of the Spider. A Cooperation between Two Museums in Cameroon and Switzerland” by Melanie Gärtner (E, 15 min.). In it, the partners involved have their say, the film shows the background of the project and looks into the workshops on conservation and restoration – here, the exchange of knowledge, capacity building and the training of young students from Fumban and Switzerland are central.

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