Magazines as Publishers

A roundtable focusing on magazines which started to publish books. The panel aims to address the reasons behind this choice, to discuss the different functions of a book in contrast to a magazine, and their individual agendas.

Filipa Ramos in conversation with Caroline Woodley (Afterall), Chiara Figone (Archive), Stefano Cernuschi (Mousse), Lorenzo Gigotti (NERO), Jonas Magnusson / Cecilia Grönberg (OEI)

Opening Talk

Talk with Gregorio Magnani, Alexis Zavialoff, Filipa Ramos, and Christoph Schifferli The multi-part exhibition project „Publishing as an Artistic Toolbox: 1989–2017“ 8/11 2017 – 28/1 2018 explores the potentials of publishing – in the form of books, magazines, journals, artistic interventions, websites – as a particular medium and context both to circulate information, knowledge – and to produce art. The project is composed of different parts, sections, and components. Apart from material exhibits on display, there is a series of talks with artists, publishers, and graphic designers to discuss artistic publishing activities.

More information: Kunsthalle Wien

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