Enrica Serrani has started her collaboration with the Cineteca di Bologna in 1999. From 1999 on she covered a different role and was in charge of administrative and coordination issues within the Cineteca. She has been the coordinator of Ipotesi Cinema, Ermanno Olmi’s film school, since 2001. From 1999 on she organized events and meetings within the Festival Il CinemaRitrovato. From 2005 to 2012 she has
been in charge of the Bologna Film Commission. She is responsible for the training department at Cineteca and coordinator for EU o-funded projects.

»Rights Issues for Film in Education« ABCinema-Workshop 13th of April 2016 Deutsches Filminstitut, Frankfurt, Germany The importance of film literacy activities in today‘s world, a world which is defined to a large extent by its media, is not disputed. We enthusiastical-
ly devote ourselves to the mission of infecting the new generation with our cinephilia and we wish to introduce them to the wealth of our film history, including that of Europe. But even at the phase of concept development questions constantly arise regarding the issue of dealing legally with the rights of audio-visual works in various scenarios in the cinema, in the classroom, amongst colleagues. Neither our academic training in film studies nor our training as educators have prepared us for this; much remains obscure. What is the basic legal situation, are there such things as rights of use, what experiences have been had with possible sanctions? A further level of complexity emerges from our functioning within a European context despite the enrichment we derive from our best-practice exchanges: what
is the legal framework in which we operate and what happens when we add materials such as moving images, pictures and texts to digital platforms? And how do we deal with Internet access to the accompanying educational materials that we ourselves have created?
The ABCinema Workshop aims to come up with answers to the urgent questions that confront us in our daily work, in order to clarify the limits of the space in which we operate and to encourage us to further cooperation. Christine Kopf, Film Literacy Department (DIF)

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