Located in Berlin, artist Esra Gülmen, with her Turkish roots, brings a blend of contemporary themes and graphic simplicity to her installations. By connecting imagery with words, Gülmen creates a visual identity that narrates a journey of self-discovery, social consciousness, materialism, and consumer culture. Her work, deeply immersed in the zeitgeist, draws inspiration from popular sayings, clichés, and her personal emotions. „I W̵A̵S̵ I AM“ operates both referentially and autonomously, offering a thematic exploration of various facets of life.

In a room-filling setup, Gülmen confronts global challenges and reflects on everyday paradoxes and the intricate web of human experiences. The exhibition’s first room features two oversized mosaic pieces, delving into individual and societal disharmony and adaptation. Through a highly implicit and autobiographical lens, the artist engages with self-construction processes, identity, and gender theories. The title „I W̵A̵S̵ I AM“ cleverly divides the exhibition into past and present, highlighting the interconnectedness of these time periods.

Ultimately, Gülmen emphasizes the continuum of human existence and the pivotal role of history in shaping our present selves. She employs a universal language to express the discomfort arising from personal experiences amidst the dichotomy of art and life. The exhibition also features the Chapel at OK Platz, curated by Maria Venzl.

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