C/O Digital, a platform by C/O Berlin goes live! Join us for the launch of C/O Digital in conjunction with C/O Berlin’s twenty-second birthday at 18:00. C/O Digital is dedicated to the exploration of web-based visual cultures and their forms of artistic expression. Feel free to add your questions for the participants in the livechat!

Program for today:
Introducing C/O Digital
C/O Berlin’s curatorial team will present C/O Digital with artists, designers, and developers.

With C/O Digital mentors:
Cade Diehm (AUS/DE), expert on data protection, weaponized designer, and antidesign ethicist / Geert Lovink (NL), professor of digital media, media theorist, and web activist / MetaObjects (HK), digital design studio

Debbie Ding (SG) / Keiken (UK/DE) / Ayoung Kim (SK) &
Studio Hato (UK/HK), web design, C/O Digital

Screening: The Para-Real
The Para-Real is a third space between the digital realm and our physical world, in which sociopolitical issues, economics, and the outcomes of hardware and infrastructure design collide. The screening of the VRChat documentary, A Wide Screen, will kick off the web series The Para-Real, which is dedicated to the exploration of different subcultures building livelihoods despite platform exploitation. Followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Joe Hunting and privacy expert Cade Diehm.

More information: C/O Berlin

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