Oben: Panel 1 Aesthetics and Politics of ‘Publicness’

Greeting and introduction

Dr. Damian Lentini, Curator Rainer Hauswirth, Head of Visual Arts, Goethe Institut Dr. Eva Bentcheva, Goethe-Institut Postdoctoral Fellow at Haus der Kunst.

Dr Pamela Corey (SOAS, University of London) „Performance as Picture: Performativity and Photography in Cambodia“

Nathalie Johnston (Myanm/art) „No Intersection: Where Theatre, Protest and Performance Art in Myanmar Meet“

Panel 2 Expanding Intermedial Histories

Dr. meLê Yamomo (University of Amsterdam) „Performing Epistemic Disobediences in Manila and Southeast Asia? Decolonial Possibilities in José Maceda’s Udlot-udlot and Ugnayan“ Dr. Thomas Berghuis (Kurator und Kunsthistoriker, Leiden) „Pathways of Performance and Performance Art in Indonesia – ‘When was performance, performance art in Indonesia?’“ Dr. Amanda Rath (Goethe–Universität Frankfurt)“Unpacking Indonesian ‘Performance Art’ as Transdisciplinary Collaborations in the 1980s and 1990s“

Panel 3 Constructing and Contesting Identities

Dr Wulan Dirgantoro (University of Melbourne) „Things Happen When We Remember: Memory and the Archive in FX Harsono’s Works“

Sally Oey (Ludwig Maximilian University Munich) „Re-building Space, Body and Self: Alienation and Appropriation in Marintan Sirait’s Performative Practice“

Artist talk w/ Anida Yoeu Ali (Phnom Penh) „Unchartered Distance: Performing In-Between Here and There“

Moderation: Annie Jael Kwan

Panel 4 Archiving Performativity

Chương-Đài Võ (Asia Art Archive) „Form and Process“

Dr Roger Nelson (National Gallery of Singapore) „Performativity Without Performance? Reflections and Questions on Medium in Post-Conceptual Contemporary Art“

Keynote lecture 1

Prof Nora Taylor (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) „Sedimented Acts: Southeast Asian Artists’ Engagements with History Through Performance“

Respondents: Chương-Đài Võ (Asia Art Archive) and Dr Mechtild Widrich (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)

Keynote lecture 2

Greeting and introduction Dr. Eva Bentcheva, Goethe-Institut Postdoctoral Fellow at Haus der Kunst

Dr May Adadol Ingawanij (University of Westminster) „Animistic Medium: Genealogy of Performativity and Southeast Asian Contemporary Art“

Performance Lecture: Ho Rui An, Conspiracy of Files

Moderation: Dr Eva Bentcheva

Plenary discussion

More information: Haus der Kunst

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