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Desire Lines and Death Loops: Performance with Perel | Schwules Museum

8. Oktober | 16:00

Multidisciplinary artist Perel invites visitors into a choreographed encounter with queer/disability history under the Nazi Reich, into a ritual honoring queer/disabled icons: artist Lorenza Böttner, performer/choreographer Raimund Hoghe, and writer Audre Lorde, as well as some living icons.

Perel is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is centered on disability and queerness as they relate to care, consent, sexuality, and personal and historic trauma. Utilizing choreography to examine power exchange between the artist and audience, “Perel is a master at timing, of tension, relief, and intimacy while creating a space of learning and unlearning.” (Victoria DeJaco, Spike Magazine). Perel asks, “How do we move across space and time with respect to our collected histories?” Perel tours and teaches internationally, as a university lecturer and mentor to emerging disabled artists at organizations in New York City and Berlin. They recently received the Disability Futures Fellowship (2020-2022) from United States Artists, and the Ford and Mellon Foundations.

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