To complement the exhibition “Javanese Shadow Theatre – Stories about Life and the World”, we are putting on an accompanying film series. The episodes to which new features are added continuously shed light on various aspects of the Wayang Kulit shadow theatre, which was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO in 2003. What all the films have in common is their multivocality: we get to hear men and women of all ages and backgrounds, along with puppeteers, musicians, and members of the audience. The series tries to find out why Wayang Kulit is still so popular today, what part it plays in everyday culture, and how it keeps on developing.

The film series is the fruit of a cooperation with Martha Setyowati from Java. The trained archaeologist – herself a native of Java and thus more than familiar with Wayang Kulit – assisted co-curator Eva von Reumont during her fieldwork in the run-up to the exhibition. We would like to thank Martha Setyowati here for her valuable support!

The third film of the series features two puppeteers from the younger generation with their thoughts about Wayang Kulit nowadays.

More information: Museum Rietberg Zürich

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