A video interview series in 10 episodes on the occasion of the exhibition “Dorian Sari. Post-Truth.”

In times of anger, violence and post-truth, Dorian Sari’s Archive of Emotions amounts to an antidote to widespread social passivity and hopelessness. In a series of ten conversations with noted artists, curators and creatives, the artist unearths layers of emotional response and vulnerability to our present times. With the Archive of Emotions, Sari engages in an intimate form of critical thinking to give language to unspoken truths.

“In this art project, I invite artists, curators and creatives in front of the camera to discuss questions regarding this difficult period of time that humankind and nature presently struggle with. In the context of the exhibition ‘’Post-truth’’ an artist book titled “Texts on: Post-Truth, Violence, Anger” will be published. I share my thoughts, observations and personal experiences in relation to various subjects, from domestic violence to political hate propaganda, from mass-media manipulation to islamophobia. I believe that the antidote to Post-truth is truth-telling, hence, storytelling and showing human vulnerability, disclosing personal stories, and reflect upon how each of us deals with post-truth, violence and anger.

More information about the exhibition: https://kunstmuseumbasel.ch/en/exhibi…

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